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Bomb Threats

It is possible that the building or a tenant in the building may receive a bomb threat.

If you receive a bomb threat, follow these procedures:

  • Remain calm.
  • Take the call seriously. Listen carefully to the caller. Be polite and show interest. Try to keep the caller talking to you so you can gather more information. Use the attached Bomb Threat Checklist to help you gather information and ask questions.
  • If possible, write a note to someone nearby to call the police.
  • When the caller hangs up, notify Property Management at (609) 631-8915
  • All communications should be via telephone or messenger. If your company uses two-way radios, do not transmit.
  • When possible, call the police at 911.
  • Report the threat to your supervisor. However, do not discuss the threat with your co-workers.
  • It is necessary for you to search (WITH CAUTION) your own spaces. You and your employees are the only people who can identify an unusual object inside your space.
  • Property Management will search stairwells, the lobby and the outside perimeter of the building.
  • If a suspicious object is discovered do not move it, touch it or even listen to it. Note the location, its description, and evacuate the surrounding area. Immediately notify the police by dialing 911 and reporting the object. Then call Property Management and report the object to them.
  • During evacuation, take the stairs. Do not use the elevator.

NOTE: It is normal procedure for the police to send a patrol officer to take a report upon the initial receipt of a bomb threat. The Bomb Squad is not normally sent unless a suspicious object is found.

It is recommended NOT to spontaneously evacuate your area. The building perimeter and the main lobby are most likely targets in a bomb threat situation. Therefore, unless you discover a suspicious object, you are usually safer inside your suite. However, it is your decision whether to evacuate if you receive a threat.

The building staff will notify, by telephone, all clients in the building if a threat is received. Clients on the floor where the threat is received, and the floors immediately above and below the threatened floor will be called first.

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