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Evacuation Procedures

  • Remain calm.
  • Immediately shut down all hazardous equipment.
  • Remove high heels and/or slick-soled shoes. Change into tennis shoes or other sturdy footwear possible.
  • Move quickly and orderly. Stay to the right in the stairwells and hold into the handrails. Remain quiet to listen for further instructions.
  • Fire/Floor Wardens are responsible for making sure all personnel have left the floor. Every employee should check that everyone in the workspace is leaving as instructed.
  • Help and accompany disabled personnel or any person who appears in need of assistance.
  • Take only car/home/office keys, purse, outer coat and/or briefcase with you. Do not take any large or heavy objects or equipment.
  • Once you are out of the building or on the designated floor, Fire/Floor Wardens should report to Property Management the status of the floor (evacuated, someone trapped and where, number and locations of the disabled personnel awaiting assistance, etc.)
  • Remain in your company’s designated meeting area until authorized to leave.


Do not automatically evacuate the floor when you hear the fire alarm. You could walk into a fire area. Wait for the evacuation order to be given to your floor. It is important to realize that total building evacuation might not be necessary.

If your floor evacuation tone sounds or if the Fire Department instructs your floor to evacuate, walk, DON’T RUN, to the nearest stairwell or emergency exit (for the 1st floor tenants). Unless otherwise instructed, your destination will be the street level. Your Fire Warden shall confirm that all co-workers are present at the meeting location or otherwise accounted for.

The doors at the stairwells are fire rated and it is extremely important to keep these doors closed. During an alarm condition all stairwell and emergency exit doors will automatically unlock allowing access to all levels. It is possible that the Fire Department may be using the stairwells to go up to the fire area. Occupants should stay right when going down the stairwell.

Remember, always remain calm and think. If you are exiting a stairwell and it becomes impassable, you can cross on any floor to reach the other stairwell and continue down. You should only proceed to the roof or a higher floor if instructed to do so by the Fire Department and/or Property Management.

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