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Chemical accidents, leaking gas or bombs can cause dangerous explosions.

If there is an explosion, follow these procedures:

  • Remain calm.
  • Call 911. Give the building address, and report as much about the explosion as you can.
  • Report the explosion to Property Management. Dial (609) 631-8915.
  • Be prepared for possible recurring or additional explosions.
  • Protect yourself from possible hazards. Wait for further instructions from Property Management.
  • If an evacuation is ordered, follow instructions precisely and go to the designated area.
  • Help any injured; if possible, DO NOT MOVE seriously injured persons unless they are in obvious immediate danger from such threats as fire, etc.
  • Open doors carefully. Watch for falling objects.
  • Do not smoke or use matches or lighters.
  • Avoid using telephones other than to notify proper authorities.
  • Do not spread rumors.