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It is possible for the area to be hit by a hurricane. However, unlike other emergencies covered in this manual, hurricanes are not likely to strike suddenly or without warning.

As with the other emergencies, it is our intention that personnel take all necessary precautions to avoid being injured by a hurricane. Since we will have advanced notice if a hurricane is approaching, we will follow the advice given by local authorities. We will comply with those orders. If an evacuation is not ordered, please follow the guidelines below;

  • Do not spontaneously evacuate the building. There might be danger of falling debris on the streets and sidewalks.
  • Get away from the windows, mirrors and overhead fixtures. Get to the core of the building.
  • If the windows in your space are damaged, leave your suite and close the door to help protect the rest of the floor.
  • Unless you are in imminent danger, wait on your floor for further instructions from Property Management.
  • Do not attempt to use the telephone as the phone lines will quickly become overburdened with calls.
  • If Property Management orders an evacuation, follow the instructions. Remember: do NOT use the elevators during an evacuation.

If you are outside:

  • Try to get inside
  • If you are unable to get inside, get as low as possible. Lie in a ditch or other low spot on the ground.
  • Do not seek shelter under trees or inside of automobiles.
  • Be especially alert for falling objects and debris.

The Property Manager will decide how many persons will be kept at the site to protect the property in case of a hurricane. This decision will be based on the advice of local authorities. The Property Manager will also decide if the building is going to be closed due to the emergency.

If the Property Manager has closed the building, no one will be allowed back into the building until after the emergency. The building will be inspected to detect what damage, if any, has resulted from the hurricane. Tenant representatives are requested to call Property Management before returning for normal business. When the building has been inspected and determined safe to return to normal building operations, the Property Manager will reopen the building. Tenant representatives will be notified when the building is open for normal business.

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