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Policies & Procedures

Moving Procedures

Please schedule and coordinate all moves with the Property Management Office in advance. The Property Management Office must be notified in writing of the exact date and time of your move, in order to ensure that all arrangements have been made prior to the move.

Building moves are much more successful when conducted after-hours (before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or on weekends), but small moves can be arranged during normal business hours. A Building Engineer must be present at all times during your move, and the tenant is responsible for engineer's time.

Your moving company must submit a valid certificate of insurance to the Property Management Office at least five business days prior to your move. Please see insurance Requirements for requirements including additional insured and coverage limits.

The moving company is also responsible for providing all floor protection and other materials necessary to protect the building from damage during the move. The moving company shall pad and otherwise protect all entrance and common areas that will be utilized during the move.

After your move, the moving company must perform a general clean up leaving the area broom clean and removing all cartons, packing materials, Masonite panels, pads, etc.